Jakarta Persistence

Last Version: 2.2

Release Date:

Jakarta Persistence API

jakarta.persistence : jakarta.persistence-api

Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) is an open source initiative to create standard APIs, implementations of those APIs, and technology compatibility kits for Java runtimes that enable development, deployment, and management of server-side and cloud-native applications.

Last Version: 3.1.0

Release Date:

Last Version: 1.0.2

Release Date:

Last Version: 1.0

Release Date:

Jakarta NoSQL

jakarta.nosql : jakarta-nosql-parent

Create the specification in Jakarta EE to help Jakarta EE developers create enterprise-grade applications using Java® and NoSQL technologies. It helps them create scalable applications while maintaining low coupling with the underlying NoSQL technology.

Last Version: 1.0.0-b4

Release Date:

Last Version: 3.0-public_review

Release Date:

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